V-twin cylinder diesel engine (EV80)

1) Electrical governor to keep the speed stable
2) Low-emission design technique, with the less pollution and emission
3) Compact structure, light weight and energy & material saving


Engine model
Engine type
2-cylinder, in-line, water cooled
Method of injection
Bore x Stroke
Natural aspiration
Cont. output
12KW/3000RPM; 14KW/3600RPM
Power take-off position
Low position of vertical PTO shaft
Direction of PTO rotation
Counterclockwise as viewed from opposite of the flywheel
Starting system
12V Electric start
616x486x528mm(Without radiator)
Net weight
Note: Standard unit including exhaust pipe, air filter, radiator and plywood box packing


1) EV80 diesel engine use compact structure left and right into a two-cylinder V-arrangement of V-angle of the box with built-in air pump cam and the cam, in the angle between the top plane to install fuel pump and electric adjustment actuators. cylinder block, side covers, cylinder head materials are aluminum, so diesel engine is lighter, only 58KG

2) EV80 diesel engine using an electronic speed controller, as compared with the mechanical governor, fast response speed and better stability, transfer rate can be set according to different purposes. Equipped with generators, the transfer rate is zero, which means the engine preserve a constant speed when loading changed

3) EV80 diesel engine have good performance, the emission can meet U.S. EPA TIER IV emission standards according to rated condition 12KW/3000 R / MIN

4) EV80 diesel engine have some advantage just like compact structure, stable performance, good reliability, light weight, can be used as generators, tractors, mowers, water pumps, small power boats machine etc.

Option parts

1) CVT transmission system